Many hands

make light work

We provide a comprehensive support of the organization for IT and developers and support, system administrators, hosting and 1C rental.


My name is Sergey Korobochkin, I am the head of the hands center company.

Our team specializes in complex support of enterprises and small businesses, IT outsourcing of programmers, system and network administrators.

Our mission: We help to ensure the growth and development of our clients business through the implementation of leading technologies and provision of resources

Many years of work with different clients have developed the following principles and approaches in our work:

The work will be done remotely - you can save your time. No longer need to wait for the release of a full-time specialist. We help at the time of request.
Our experts are constantly improving their skills, faced with tasks of varying complexity. Also, our specialists are certified by 1C.
The main and undoubted advantage of working with us is the price, which allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining a full-time specialist.
Your tasks will not cease to be performed due to illness or leave of the specialists, we do not give up work halfway and do not throw the employer in a difficult moment.
Your trust is our currency. We build our business based on mutual trust, otherwise nothing. You make payment only after agreed work is finished. Payment is accepted in any convenient way.
Pre-agreed terms of reference and the system of accounting applications allows us to deliver projects as quickly as possible and within the specified time frame. We value your and our time.
Quality is the norm and in service of the organizations it is a basis. Our specialists are qualified, responsible and hardworking, because we do not keep others.
You can be sure that your request will not be lost. Our special system of request accounting allows you to track the stages of work and always be up to date.







Development from scratch, industrial integration, refinement, support for existing systems on 1C: Enterprise, Bitrix, Django.

Our typical tasks: we will create for you a selling site or a landing site, add CRM, set up automatic orders to suppliers, refine individual blocks in an already working site, configure synchronization with 1C. We will set up accounting in 1C, write and refine any reports, set up an online cash desk, EDO, 1C reporting, update the databases and set up backups.

Cost starting from 40€ /hour.

Server rental

Research for IT security problem areas, optimize the IT structure, protect corporate networks and servers.

Our typical tasks: hot customer support remotely, set up and perform maintenance work for the smooth operation of the organization, tell you what your employees are doing during the work day, if necessary, set up bans on visiting specific sites, help you find and configure the right component, transfer your data to our secure servers or help with renting a server abroad.

Cost starting from 30€ /hour.


Work with 1C without costs for 1C licenses, server, setting up access and encryption, updating databases, backup — everything is included in the price. To access the program you need only the Internet.

Our typical tasks: we will provide legal access to 1C from any mobile device, set up a routine automatic update, securely store your data on super fast productive servers in reliable data centers.

The cost of services from 1000r / month (appr.15$) including ITS.
We will refund the money for the first month if you remain unhappy with the service.

Statement of management accounting
Information support
Development of business processes

Our typical tasks: We will make an audit of your current accounting system to show weak points and potential of business processes using IT, we will carry out information support for your business during the transition to the new program.

Cost of services: negotiable.



The Hands center company has been operating since 2014. For 5 years more than 200 comapnies trusted us, some of which have remained our regular customers.

Honesty and trust are the principles that formed the basis of our company. We trust our customers – they trust us and we are open and honest about the products and services we provide. This means that we will not spend client time and money by offering and selling services that they don’t need.


With us you will not meet lazy people and idlers who come to sit out their work day in social networks. We value in people not only experience and unique programming skills, we also value and encourage the development and improvement of ourselves.


We are a responsible to the law for the software that we sell and rent to our customers, so we do not take on those tasks that require illegal activities.


We teach each customer not only the products we sell, but if necessary, we share our practical experience.


We are constantly improving and simplifying our practices and services for the comfort of our customers.


Above all the interests of customers that we strive to resolve as soon as possible.



We have been working with the Hands center company since 2014, the guys created a website for us, helped to set up product accounting in 1C, switch to new configurations, performed all the necessary updates and completed typical systems for our needs, implemented a bonus system. Over 5 years of work we know for sure that there are no impossible tasks for them, they will always find solutions. Special thanks to the director Sergey Korobochkin for personal participation and for his professional understanding of business processes and accounting.
We recommend the Hands center as a reliable business partner.
Sincerely, Sergey Usok, Director of SV parts.
sv-parts.ru Auto parts and components store, Tolyatti, Zhigulevsk
Dear Sergey Valerievich!

The Central Aerodynamic Institute of Zhukovsky expresses gratitude to you and your colleagues for the fruitful cooperation for the projects to create scientific and technical conference sites HIIST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE and IFAR-2018 that were completed in a timely and qualitative manner. We are currently celebrating our 100th anniversary. The international scientific and technical conferences were the central event of the anniversary events organized by us, attracted the attention of the entire world scientific community. The websites you created were one of the organizing links for holding conferences, ensured success and positive feedback from participants. We hereby also express our readiness to continue cooperation.

Deputy Director for Research A. Medvedsky.
In 2014, we began cooperation with freelance programmer Sergey, as it turned out, we were his first clients. Then during the cooperation we opened 3 new stores and Sergey has built his IT company. The guys help us to develop and overcome the difficulties that arise as a result of the constantly changing laws. Of course, in 5 years of work there were different situations, and sometimes you had to wait in the queue for completing tasks, but the result always pleases. Special thanks to Maxim Z. for his professionalism and special attitude to our tasks.
Sincerely, Gayeva Tatiana, Head
bunnylove.ru "Rabbit in Love" Online store + network of intim shops in Samara
With “Hands” we were contacted for the first time on recommendations in 2018, with the task of making a back-end of the site with 1C integration, non-standard product cards, an accessory selection filter, it was also necessary to add automatic text generation for SEO and automatic calculation of shipping costs. Alexey S. and Denis N. coped with all non-standard wishes and made a good selling site. I know that at any time I can contact the Hands center company and get professional support for my business.
Sincerely, Chistyakov Dmitry Head of Internet Sales
slikshop.ru Online store of discs, Tolyatti


Sergey K.
Director of Company
Boris G.
System Administrator
Maksim R.
LAN Administrator
Maksim Z.
1C Developer
Aleksey P.
1C Developer
Mikhail A.
1C Developer
Aleksey S.
Bitrix Developer
Denis N.
Bitrix Developer
Elvira R.
Office Manager
Ilyana K.
Maksim G.
System Administrator
Andrey T.
Web Developer

What do we need to start working with you? Do you conclude contract for the services provided?

To start cooperation, you need an organization card, which is sent to the info@hands.center mailbox. Than, depending on the type of service you choose, the office manager will promptly prepare and send you all the documents. In case of subscription tariff plan, an additional SLA agreement can be concluded.


What types of services and tariffs do you provide?

1) Subscription service (3 types of tariffs). Includes a certain number of included hours of specialists work per month, in case of exceeding the hours, subsequent hours are provided with a discount, the amount of the discount depends on the selected tariff. Customers who are on a subscription service pay for our services 1 time per month for all accumulated invoices.
2) Incident service. Invoices are issued at standard rates (system administrators 1000 rub./hour, programmers 1200 rub./hour, designer 800 rub./hour) upon completion of the task. The payment term for each invoice is 5 business days.
3) Project service. This type of service is used for project work, the total number of hours for which is more than 80. A project contract is concluded with the prescribed technical specification, stages, terms of work, and payment procedure.


What forms of payment are available?

You can pay for services in cash or by bank transfer, as well as online.


What works do you perform on the 1C platform?

We develop software products on the 1C: Enterprise platform both from beginning and within existing client applications. We integrate 1C configurations with web services and online stores, carry out improvements without removing the configuration from support. We also have our own ultra-fast servers in reliable data centers, thanks to which we can ensure high speed of 1C services and availability of your data from any device with internet connection.


What other services do you provide?

We develop websites, Rest Api applications, full-fledged online stores on the Bitrix, Django, Python platforms, as well as applications for Bitrix 24, mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows, including integrating with online stores or other cloud services. We also provide web designer services.


How do you estimate the cost of the task? The declared cost is final?

Estimation of time spent is carried out according to the received task (verbally by phone, messengers, e-mail), if according to the specialists opinion the number of hours spent on the task does not exceed 5, preliminary approval with the customer is not made, in other cases we conduct a written preliminary assessment and send it to the customer for approval.
Rounding off the actual time spent is carried out for 0.1 hours (6 minutes). The cost of a specialist hour depends on the tariff plan you selected (incident or subscription service).
While working on the task, there may be situations in which the pre-estimated time will increase, it all depends on your specific configuration and current code, as well as your wishes for improvements after the task is completed. The specialist will warn you about the circumstances and possible increase in the price.
Project tasks have a pre-agreed full estimation cost, which is specified in the contract and is not subject to change.


What are the average deadlines for tasks?

All tasks received from clients are divided by priority
1st turn - Tasks from customers on project service
2nd turn - Tasks from customers on a subscription service
3rd turn - Tasks from customers on incident service

Further, according to the priorities, terms are negotiated individually and depend on the urgency, volume of tasks, workload of specialists in a particular time and the number of subsequent comments and modifications by the customer after completing the task.


How many employees do you have? Do your employees work on remote/freelance?

At the moment, we have more than 20 employees, all working in our offices with official employment. We have 2 comfortable offices in Samara and Tolyatti. We are also constantly looking for enthusiastic and talented IT- professionals (if you are one of them, visit this section).


Can I choose a specific specialist assigned to my tasks?

Our regular customers on the subscription tariffs, as well as customers on project work, have a priority right to choose a specific specialist assigned to their project, the other tasks are distributed by us independently upon receipt of the task, its urgency, volume and workload of employees.


Can I rent a programmer for a day/month/year?

Yes, this is possible, under special conditions, please send your request to our email info@hands.center. Please note that such requests must be submitted in advance in order to provide you with the necessary resources.


Is the written technical specification necessarily required for each task?

We accept tasks in any convenient form, in free form-both orally (by phone), and in writing in messengers, by e-mail info@hands.center. Technical specification are documented only for project tasks (more than 80 hours) We also provide the service of joint development of technical specification with our specialist, if necessary (paid at the current rates of the cost of an hour)


Is there a Manager who leads my project or do I have to communicate directly with the specialist?

You communicate with the specialist, assigned to your project (please remember his name), our office number is used for communication (switching to an employee via the office manager)

As well as the specialist's skype, our email for incoming requests info@hands.center, the specialists email address, and you can also access our task accounting system for tracking the task progress, where you can see all the stages of work, make comments, and conduct dialogues with the specialist.